Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chicktators Volume 7: Brittany Mussolini

Name: Brittany Mussolini

Age: 35

Nationality: Italian

Sign: Leo

Bio: I'm a writer, and I even started my own newspaper! Some people call me anal, but I just think I'm neat and organized. Who can blame me if I like trains on time, people working when they're supposed to be, and families sticking together. Some day I'd like to have homes in the former Yugoslavia, Greece, and Africa, but for now I'll just settle for my simple Italian villa. I'm a horrible fighter, but when it comes to the bedroom I love putting on military uniforms almost as much as I love taking them off ;) The one thing that is off limits is tying me up or any awkward position where I have to lie upside down.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Chicktators Volume 6: Kimmy Jay

Name: Kimmy Jay "ILL"
Age: 29
Nationality: Korean
Sign: Aquarius
Bio: Some say I'm explosive, I just say I'm sassy! After a long hard day I sometimes like to have my friends over for a Worker's Party. I've actually always been good with parties, I was once Instructor Chief to the Parties Central Comittee and during College i was a Kappa Phi Alpha! You might have heard of my advice column, Dear Leader, in which I help my people out with their problems. Also I'm really friendly, I even have a Sunshine Policy. I've been a little sickly lately, but don't worry, I still have energy to keep you up at night.