Thursday, April 8, 2010

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chicktators Volume 8: Izzie Enver

NAME: Isabella Enver, but my friends all call me Izzie


AGE: 24

SIGN: The cusp of Sagitarius

BIO: Although I totally love my home of Turkey, except for some unmentionables, I really love to travel. I especially love Germany! AND BERLIN! Berlin is just so cool, I was really lucky to visit the past couple of years. When it comes to relationships I like to lead, which seems cool because people just put me on top. My ex Liman von Sanders might try and tell you I'm no good at what I do, but I can assure you I am a genius in bed. The only problem is I'm kind of a taker or a take backer in many cases, taking back my Batutti (that's what I call my sweet sweet ass by the way) whenever I feel it's been abused by ruskie dicks. Whatever, fuck em all, kill the subclass, and long live my Batutti.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chicktators Volume 7: Brittany Mussolini

Name: Brittany Mussolini

Age: 35

Nationality: Italian

Sign: Leo

Bio: I'm a writer, and I even started my own newspaper! Some people call me anal, but I just think I'm neat and organized. Who can blame me if I like trains on time, people working when they're supposed to be, and families sticking together. Some day I'd like to have homes in the former Yugoslavia, Greece, and Africa, but for now I'll just settle for my simple Italian villa. I'm a horrible fighter, but when it comes to the bedroom I love putting on military uniforms almost as much as I love taking them off ;) The one thing that is off limits is tying me up or any awkward position where I have to lie upside down.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Chicktators Volume 6: Kimmy Jay

Name: Kimmy Jay "ILL"
Age: 29
Nationality: Korean
Sign: Aquarius
Bio: Some say I'm explosive, I just say I'm sassy! After a long hard day I sometimes like to have my friends over for a Worker's Party. I've actually always been good with parties, I was once Instructor Chief to the Parties Central Comittee and during College i was a Kappa Phi Alpha! You might have heard of my advice column, Dear Leader, in which I help my people out with their problems. Also I'm really friendly, I even have a Sunshine Policy. I've been a little sickly lately, but don't worry, I still have energy to keep you up at night.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chick-tators Volume 5: Frida Castro

Name: Frida "The Castrator" Castro

Age: 31
Nationality: Cuban
Sign: Leo...GROWL!

Bio: I am really against STDs. Like I feel everyone that has HIV should be quarenteened or something cuz dying is just gross! Well it's gross if I die, but I guess it's okay if other people do, JK! I am so totally for health, well I mean I'm really good at saying I'm going to stay healthy but I seem to screw it up all the time...OH WELL! I don't like it when people leave me, so don't you even try. Seriously don't, I have eyes and ears everywhere. Oh and I love Clubs.

Chick-tators Volume 4: Lucy the Second

Name: Queen Lucy the Second

Age: 19

Nationality: Belgian

Sign: Aries, guess that's why I'm so bullheaded!

Bio: I like rubber and pain. My favorite accessory is my golden fleece. I seriously love watching over things (and fiefdoms) from afar. I think I'm an awesome delegator and an even better investor. Sometimes I can be a little strict, especially when it comes to children with idle hands. Also I am pretty into open relationships. And just cuz I'm Belgian doesn't mean I eat a lot of chocolates, I actually like keeping my figure!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chick-tators Volume 3: Connie "The Colonel" Gaddafi

Name: Connie al-Gaddafi

Age: 27
Nationality: Libyan
Sign: For me to know and you to find out!

Bio: I have been in a couple of bad relationships, but whenever we break up I try and keep things bloodless cuz those stains are really hard to clean!!! The problem is that I'm really quiet in my relations, some might say I'm subversive, but my psychologist says I'm a little passive agressive due to some daddy issues (wanna spank me? ;P). My friends call me The Colonel because I like fighting for what I think is right and taking what I want sometimes by force.  I'm all about going GREEN, I even wrote a book about it. There are many ways to spell my last name, but i prefer the one I gave in my profile because Qadhafi looks too much like queef.