Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chick-tators Volume 3: Connie "The Colonel" Gaddafi

Name: Connie al-Gaddafi

Age: 27
Nationality: Libyan
Sign: For me to know and you to find out!

Bio: I have been in a couple of bad relationships, but whenever we break up I try and keep things bloodless cuz those stains are really hard to clean!!! The problem is that I'm really quiet in my relations, some might say I'm subversive, but my psychologist says I'm a little passive agressive due to some daddy issues (wanna spank me? ;P). My friends call me The Colonel because I like fighting for what I think is right and taking what I want sometimes by force.  I'm all about going GREEN, I even wrote a book about it. There are many ways to spell my last name, but i prefer the one I gave in my profile because Qadhafi looks too much like queef.

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